Rugs straight from the hands that made them. Since 1979.

Design is personal, but Quality is essential

Miracle of contemporary craftsmanship and four decades of industry experience, all under one roof.


Every batch you import is designed, dyed, woven, and warehoused to perfection.

We monitor and control all phases of the production cycle. Is that important?

Yes, it is. It sure means a lot to us. Being intentional about these highest standards ensures you only receive high-quality products every time.

Why Madhu India?


Being the #1 choice for designers, wholesalers, and retailers, you experience first-class products based on key success criteria (weaving technique, material, dyes, and knot count, e.g.)



Aesthetic feel and design without losing the product utility. That’s how most clients express Madhu India. Bring your groundbreaking ideas forward, and see them turn into beautiful products.



You are removed from non-essential tasks. We’ll help you focus on the services you actually need (because most manufacturers fail to realize why “doing things right” matters to you.)



Manufacturers should be able to prove the value of their products. We can, and we will. Our prices are always based on what matters to you -- so you get the best value for money.

Our Products Include
Our Clients

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