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The Idea of Madhu India

Every product is meticulously crafted with painstakingly close attention to detail. Nothing is outsourced or assembled outside.

We make, check, and control here in our factory, so you don’t have to worry about quality issues when the goods reach your customers.

The promise is simple: Zero compromises on quality, transparency, and professionalism (which means you can avoid needless production complexities.)

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What makes Madhu India unique

Large infrastructure:

Delivery time security with 100% power backup, heated drying chambers, and excess weaving looms for weather-proof execution.

Quality fanatics:

The in-house quality control lab tests of all raw material batches so products don’t fall apart after some time.

No-stress deliveries:

Historically hardened team, processes, and methods, so you can relax after you place your order.

Why are we so confident?

Processes to support you:  

We follow processes that are precision-honed to perfection. This means the moment we start working on your order, most of the work is already done for you. That’s where 40 years of manufacturing legacy helps.

Timely product delivery: 

 With guaranteed timely delivery and hassle-free commercial terms, it’s time to put your ideas into action. You can finally stop the search for manufacturers and exporters, hoping “this will be the one.”

Building trust through service:

Use our experience of serving multiple client relationships across North America, Japan, and Europe. Think of the goals you can achieve with a truly reliable manufacturing partner!

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Precision of rug engineering coupled with the beauty of legacy handwork

With a mix of traditional methods and modern machinery, the Madhu India name has stood for trust without compromise since 1979.


Quality speaks for itself

You don’t have to choose between high cost and low-quality. Every product is proven to be cost-effective, durable, and customizable.



Really passionate team

A-players ready to deliver creative ideas and fast growth. Exceptional results with minimal supervision and dependence.


Ethical, zero-waste process

You will be working with a brand that invests in authentic rural & nature initiatives. Utilizing & promoting renewable energy is our #1 priority.


Social Activity

Opportunities & memories

We’ve had the honor to offer respectable jobs to village women in the region. We also fund initiatives to provide primary healthcare.

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